By Thread and Needle : a catalogue of Embroideries of Arab Women (Arabic)


“By Thread and Needle” is an embroidery catalogue which includes photos and information on the handcrafts of women who benefited from micro-credit in the Arab countries; in addition it also covers the experience of some organizations that support women in this field in terms of financial support, quality control and marketing. The Centre for Arab Women Training and Research (Cawtar) has published this catalogue as one of the main output of its regional projection on “ICT and Enhancing Micro-Credit services to Low-Income Arab Women” which has been developed in 2005 and fully supported by the Islamic Development Bank. At that time, the project was considered pilot due to its unique interest in improving micro-credit services on the one hand and in relying on the information technology as a means for women beneficiary of these services to market their products on the other. The Objectives of this Catalogue are : - Create new markets for the women who generate their income from embroidery. - Shed light upon the experience of women and specially after receiving micro-credit. - Illustrate the efforts of some organizations specialized in supporting handicraft of women. - Demonstrate the richness and the diversification of embroidery in the Arab countries. The products shown in this Catalogue come from : Morocco Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania Jordan, Bahrian, Djibouti, Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt and they are : Photos of various embroidered products listed according to their respective countries. An outline of the women experience and life change gained after receiving loans. A brief presentation of the embroidery techniques in each country. The Catalogue is published in both hard copies and in CDs and the different products will be posted later at an e-commerce website as a key marketing space.

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